We at Fine young cooks believe that getting kids in to the kitchen at an early age is extremely beneficial to both kids and parents.

It’s not just about making a mess and licking the bowl (Although these are the best parts, AND this is how our little ones learn) there are many educational benefits too!

They are starting to develop and practice their fine motor skills and hand eye co ordination, skills that they continue to use throughout their junior primary years in school and these skills are practised in each cooking lesson.

Other educational benefits include,

  • Learning about names, colours and textures of different foods and they also gain knowledge of numeracy as well as where our food comes from.
  • The nutritional benefits of the different food groups are taught in a fun and colourful way.
  • As the children get a little bit older we go through table settings and table manners as well as recycling habits.
  • And Importantly cleaning up after ourselves is also taught
  • I believe that all these skills put together instill a sense of responsibility and achievement in each child that attends our classes.

Weekly Extra Mural Classes

Monday: Eco Kidz Simbithi

Tuesday: Village Kidz & Curro Mount Richmore Grade 1 – 7

Wednesday: Curro Castle  Mount Richmore

Thursday: Ashton International

Holiday Clubs

Please see our menu for the July Holidays,