Wouldn’t you love to come home from a busy day to the smell of a chicken roasting in the oven or a delicious lasagna that just been cooked?

Our domestic classes started in July 2011 and have been extremely successful.

We teach various different courses from our school.

In a typical course the lessons run 1 morning a week for 4 weeks.

The students learn a total of about 10 different dishes over the 4 week period.

We also cover lessons in

  • Personal & kitchen hygiene
  • Food & kitchen safety
  • Use of basic equipment
  • Menu planning
  • Nutrition
  • Grocery list preparation
  • Table settings

Not only are we benefiting our lives with these courses but we are giving very important skills to the ladies that look after our homes and our children every day. We also train unemployed people so that they stand a better chance of getting a job!